Virtual Machine Breakout

  • Uses of VMware for recovery
    1. VMs used for isolation--single service per VM.
    2. VMs used for hot stand-bys and redundancy.
    3. Introspection of VM to monitor behavior.
  • Virtualization is key to IBM's high availability systems.
    1. Ability to virtualize system at multiple levels: hardware OS, application.
    2. Dynamic provisioning of virtualized resources to recover and adapt.
  • BEA is building introspection hooks into its JVM (jRockit ).
    1. Putting in check pointing capabilities into JVM.
    2. Looking at in-memory replication for hot spares.
    3. According to Sam...recovery is all about state.
  • Key benefits of virtual machines (or virtualization) for ROC
    1. Isolation: data/performance isolation, against malicious attacks, sandboxes.
    2. Encapsulation: ability to manipulate VM objects, visibility into VM.
    3. Facilitates redundancy.