Berkeley-ROC BOINC Projects


The UC Berkeley Recovery Oriented Computing group is deploying two different projects using the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) platform.  We intend to gather information about machines from a diverse population of computer users, and we believe the BOINC user base will represent such a population.

The Projects

Resource Measurement

The Resource Measurement project gathers information about the availability of free resources on user machines. Please visit this project's Resource Measurement FAQ

You can join this project by visiting the Resource Measurement Project Page.

Crash Collection

The Crash Collection project will be gathering minidumps from user machines that are generated by system and/or application crashes. FAQ's about this project can be found at Crash Collection FAQ.

You can join this project by visiting the Crash Collection Project Page


If you are a new BOINC user, you will need to download the BOINC core client before you begin running the projects.
  1. To get started with one of the projects, you need to create an account. Click on either of their URLs above to visit their main pages. Then click on Create Account and follow the subsequent directions.
  2. After you have registered, you'll receive an email containing your account ID. At this point you may also be prompted to enter your user preferences (which you should do if this is your first time running a BOINC project).
  3. Download and install the latest BOINC client by going back to the main page of either one of the projects and clicking Download BOINC, followed by Windows/x86. (Currently both projects only support the Windows/x86 platform.)
  4. Once you have BOINC installed, run the client and click on "Settings > Attach to Project..." Enter the URL of the project's main page along with your account ID. BOINC will download and run the project.
  5. You can now also participate in any other BOINC-based project by visiting its main page and signing up the same way. However, you only need to download/install the BOINC client once. You can simply enter the project's URL and the account ID they assigned you into your installed client, which will attach to that project.