ROC User Study Volunteer Prequalification

Recovery-Oriented Computing Research Group
University of California, Berkeley

If you are interested in participating in the Recovery-Oriented Computing user study, please read and fill out the prequalification form below. If you are selected to participate, we will notify you by e-mail to set up a time. We intend to conduct the study between October 23, 2003 and November 7, 2003.

Who are we?

The Recovery-Oriented Computing (ROC) Research Project is conducting research on the effectiveness of new software tools designed to improve a system administrator's ability to recover from problems affecting server systems.  We are soliciting volunteers to participate in an experimental study comparing the recovery power of our newly-developed tools to that of traditional recovery techniques. This research is being lead by graduate student Aaron Brown and supervised by Professor David Patterson.

What do we need?

Each volunteer will take part in one session held in our lab, lasting no more than 1½ hours. If you are willing, we may request that you return for a second session held on a separate day from the first; this session will last no more than 1 hour. In each session, you will act as the administrator of an e-mail server, and will be asked to recover the system from simulated problems using either our new recovery tools or the standard tools that come with the system.  No prior experience with e-mail administration is required.

What’s in it for you?

This is a great chance to help advance a significant research project and to see what it's like to be a system administrator.  Additionally, all selected volunteers who participate in the study experiments will receive a $50 gift certificate to

If you are interested in participating and are over 18 years of age, we ask that you fill out the screening questionnaire below and return it to us.  Responses will be kept confidential, and responses for non-selected respondents will be destroyed. Whether or not you choose to complete this questionnaire will have no bearing on your grades or standing at the University of California. If you have any questions about this research, you can contact Aaron Brown at (510) 642-1845 or




1) Are you 18 years of age or older?

            Yes No 

2) We'd like to get a sense of your system administration background. Please write a 1, 2, or 3 in each space in the grid below to best indicate your experience with the performing the following tasks on the given platforms.

1 – I have never performed and/or am unfamiliar with the task

2 – I have occasionally performed and/or am somewhat familiar with the task

3 – I have often performed and/or am very comfortable with the task





Installing and uninstalling software




Changing software configuration options


Updating/patching the operating system




Backing up the system



Adding/removing users



Setting up services (e.g. Web, FTP, e-mail



Overall familiarity with this platform




If “Other”, please describe:

3)  If you have administered a server used by others, what is the largest number of users you have supported?

            N/A     1 to 5     6 to 20     21 to 50    51 to 200     200+ 

4) Please check any of the following e-mail platforms you have experience configuring or maintaining:

Sendmail   Microsoft Exchange        exim       Lotus Notes

iPlanet        uw-imap                         postfix    qmail


5) For each application or protocol below, please choose the letter corresponding to the best description of that application or protocol. Letters may be used more than once.  

A – Mail Transfer Agent                                    D – Service to map host names to internet protocol addresses

B – Guaranteed transport IP protocol              E – Local area file system protocol

C – E-mail retrieval protocol                              F – E-mail delivery protocol

                                                G – None of the above










Recovery-Oriented Computing (ROC)